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Custom Passport Wedding Invitations
for destination weddings & travel themed events.

Passport Invitations

The Custom Paper Works Luxe Passport Invitation is designed to be classic & timeless with a little bit of whimsy. They are fully custom-designed to order. Or stick with an existing design if you prefer. Click to see our custom passport invitations.

Boarding Pass Invitations

Boarding Pass Invitations are great for destinations that don’t necessarily require passports or for other travel-theme celebrations. They can hold as much or as little extra information as you need.

Custom Invitations

A traditional format that can be designed to be as classic, modern or bright as you like, with any type of wrap or holder. Always custom-designed so you can incorporate new ideas ’till your heart’s content!

Ultra Custom Invitations & Unique Touches

Just ask, and it can likely be done! Some of the unique custom designs we’ve created include die-cut cards, actual 45 records, paper so soft it almost feels like fabric, adhered and hanging crystals, intricate laser-cut gatefolds, custom-ordered charms, layered ribbons, and boxed invitations with ALL the added bells and whistles.

Ask about your ideas!