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Custom Paper Works’ unique invitations and event-day stationery reflects the style YOU have set out to show to your guests. We incorporate details you love to create designs that get your guests excited. When we are finished, you will have an invitation that suits your style, and your guests will rave about them for years to come!

There I was, happily working in a design & print production studio at one of the world’s largest ad agencies. Friends started sending their friends & family to me for invitations and one of the first requests was for an elegant & formal passport wedding invitation, which could not be found anywhere after weeks of searching. This was before you could find much online, if you can believe there was such a time.

That one invitation basically launched Custom Paper Works as an official full-time business. Nearly 10 years later, the wedding passports are still the most-requested design. And I love finding new ways to customize them for each couple, celebration, and event.

I love designing invitations for weddings and celebrations all over the world, dreaming of where I might travel next!

– Kate, Owner/Designer

Our invitations don’t just tell people where to show up – they tell your story and excite your guests!

Passport invitations created
Identical Designs
Assists in surprising the bride when friend paid for their invitations.