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General FAQ

What’s included in the price? 2017-05-23T01:32:02+00:00

Custom Paper Works’ Custom pricing includes many things others charge extra for. We want to make sure that your custom invitations come complete with details that make them extra special.

Always included in our custom invitation pricing:
• Colored and/or shimmer papers and envelopes (no plain white unless requested).
Return addresses printed directly on envelopes in coordinating fonts and colors.
• RSVP card addressing.
• Custom artwork for envelopes as requested.
• Designs for custom postage stamps if requested.

See below for more frequently-requested add-ons (or already-included items!)

How many pages can passports have? 2017-05-23T01:58:36+00:00

The most popular passport invitations we make have either 2 or 6 inside pages (including the inside front and back covers), all of which can be printed. Should you need more than 6 pages, they may be added in sets of 4. So the next step up would have 10 printed pages inside, including the inside front and back covers.

The passport booklets we create for trade shows, schools and corporate or church events most frequently have 12 – 36 pages, but 2-page passport fold-overs are available, as are page counts up to 60 or more.

What types of printing are available? 2017-05-23T01:29:33+00:00

Any kind you like! Really! Check out this post for more info.

Most invitations shown on our website use standard flat ink (digital printing). Many of the Passport covers also feature gold or silver Foil Imprinting. Some clients chose to add other special printing types such as Thermography (shiny raised ink) or Letterpress (matte ink indented/pressed into the paper). Ask about any special effects or printing ideas you have.

How will I see what my invitation will look like? 2017-05-23T01:28:47+00:00

Once the deposit and wording are received, the custom design process begins. Design proofs will be sent over personal-written emails throughout the design process, and you may request changes after viewing each proof. Nothing prints until you are satisfied with the design. For most custom orders, 5 proof revisions are included with the option to purchase additional proofs as needed (which rarely happens).

Can I include multiple languages on my invitation? 2017-05-23T01:29:18+00:00

YES. We can print invitations in just about any language. Or multiple languages. You will need to supply the wording in that language and also pay extra special attention to spellings,

You will need to supply the wording in each language and also pay special attention to spellings, accents, and grammar. In some rare cases, you may be asked to provide a PDF of the wording to be printed on the invitation. Languages we work with frequently: Spanish, French, Greek, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Hebrew.

Can invitations be shipped outside the USA? 2017-05-23T01:29:05+00:00

YES. Invitations can be shipped just about anywhere. Scroll to the bottom of this page for detailed international shipping information.

How do I start a custom order? 2017-05-23T01:28:12+00:00

Short answer:
Request a quote by filling out the form on the price request page. We’ll guide you from there. 

Long answer:
Read the full order & design process HERE.

What is your minimum order requirement? 2017-05-23T01:28:26+00:00

All custom orders start at a $500 for any style or quantity.

Every order is professionally custom-designed and made by hand, receiving lots of time and care. We use only high-quality, custom-ordered papers and printing, and communicate with clients on a personal, individual level.

Our average client spends $800-$1200 for 75-100 custom designed, handcrafted invitations.

Does it cost extra to…

… use gold, silver or other metallic foil? 2017-05-23T01:38:34+00:00

Yes. Shiny gold, silver or other metallic foil imprints incur an additional cost for the added print process. Be assured that we only use REAL, traditional hot foil stamping that has the cleanest lines, vibrant shine, and many color options. It is not a home-made, foil-fake-out or “metallic-like.” It’s the real deal, and looks crisper, shinier, and more elegant than the cover of a real passport.

… print guest mailing addresses? 2017-05-23T01:37:31+00:00

Yes. Printed guest mailing addresses (digital calligraphy) is an option available that will be quoted in your pricing email. The addresses can be printed in any color and font to coordinate with your final invitation design. The printing is of the same quality as the rest of the invitation, directly onto the mailing envelopes. We will provide a spreadsheet template for submitting the data.

… pick a colored or shimmery envelope? 2017-05-23T01:36:26+00:00

No. Envelopes of any color – matte or shimmer finish – are included. You are not limited to plain matte white or off-white. And if you prefer white or off-white, we make sure it’s a high-quality one. Not a cheap flimsy, office supply store one.

… use a whole bunch of ink colors? 2017-05-23T01:35:27+00:00

No. Not if you are sticking to the standard flat-ink printing. Any number of flat ink colors can be printed. Ink colors are only counted and incur additional cost if special printing processes are being used such as letterpress, foil or thermography.

… change paper colors? 2017-05-23T01:34:38+00:00

No. Instead of a posted list of paper & ink colors, send us your inspiration and color ideas! We will select a range of papers to coordinate. Many luxurious matte and shimmer paper options are available for just about every shade.

… make changes to a design shown? 2017-05-23T01:27:16+00:00

No. Not for our Custom-Designed invitations. They are designed from scratch for each client, so all kinds of design, artwork and font changes can be made. Every photo on the website is from an actual previous order. Yours will be completely custom-designed, but if you’d like to base it on one shown on the website, you may order it exactly the same – or mix it up however you like!

CPW Collection items purchased directly through the online SHOP do have fixed designs – but the colors, and of course wording, can be changed.

… add photos to the passport invitations? 2017-05-23T01:27:36+00:00

No. Custom-designed passport invitation pricing includes all customizations: your photo, custom passport stamps, wording and page arrangement. The pages of the passport can hold whatever information or wording you need – they do NOT have to follow the examples shown or any sort of fixed template.

International Shipping

Custom Paper Works is located in the USA and can ship almost anywhere in the world.
It’s very easy as long as you know what to expect and allow plenty of shipping time.


International shipping rates are estimated based on postal code and item/quantity, then billed just prior to shipping at actual cost. For planning purposes, expect a range of $60-$175 USD for a transit time of about 7 to 14 business days. International packages are processed through Customs offices, which sometimes add delays beyond quoted ship times.

Please note that some international shipments offer little tracking or insurance service.

If you prefer FedEx, UPS or DHL be used to ship the package, (for faster shipping and tracking), you will need to provide your own shipping account number, which is easily obtained on FedEx, UPS and DHL websites.


Please refer to your country’s rules and regulations regarding taxes on imported shipments. Taxes, duties and/or VAT payments are due prior to delivery of the package. Custom Paper Works does not collect or provide estimates of these taxes. They are charged at the discretion of each Customs office.

Packages sent via FedEx or UPS with a supplied account number will have taxes/duties and brokerage fees charged to that FedEx account number.

Detailed information regarding these taxes may be obtained by contacting your local Customs office.