Isaak’s family had seen our prior Bar Mitzvah passport invitation designs and requested that theirs use white paper with lots of blue accents, and a touch of yellow & gold. The simpler 2-page interior option was customized with faux passport stamps with Hebrew lettering and stamps showing favorite vacation destinations that were incorporated into the travel-themed Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Envelopes lined with blue shimmer matched the cover exactly and added a luxurious feel to the whole invitation. Small additions such as envelope liners do make a real difference when they are made with quality stationery-grade papers. Lots of mass invitation printers use liners that only go half way down the envelope – which can leave an unsightly line on the front of the envelope were it’s obvious the liner isn’t fully lining the envelope – and a partial liner doesn’t add much weight or texture to the envelope, which is the first thing guests will touch. A quality envelope can add to the WOW factor and help your invitation stand out from the rest.

Close up of the gorgeous dark blue shimmer cover and detailed Arms of Canada in gold foil: