{ Invitation Pro Tip #9 } How many invitations should you order?

The most common error made when ordering wedding invitations is assuming the wrong quantity.

Even while you’re gathering quotes, you’ll need an accurate estimate because of the impact it can have on pricing.

Order far too many and you could have added a fun upgrade instead of having 50 extras sit in a box for eternity. Order too few and last-minute rushed reprints could be costly.

Keep in mind, the quantity needed is NOT equal to your total guest headcount. The outline below should give you an accurate count and help avoid costly ordering errors.

If you’ve already priced invitations and your quantity changes (or you’ve realized you calculated incorrectly), be sure to request a new estimate. Doubling the quantity may not double the total cost. At the same time, halving the quantity usually won’t reduce the total by half, but I’ll save that explanation for another day.

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