1.The most common error made when ordering wedding invitations is assuming the wrong quantity.

When gathering quotes and establishing your budget, you’ll need an accurate estimate because of the impact it can have on pricing.

Even WITH SPECIFICALLY ASKING ALMOST EVERY CLIENT TO CONFIRM THEIR QUANTITY, several clients each year make one of two invitation ordering mistakes:

Ordering way too many. Potentially problematic because:
1.) You could have saved some $, of course. Or…
2.) An imaginary budget constraint left you shopping too long, or shopping by price alone, using up lots of your valuable wedding planning time.
3.) You could have added a fun upgrade, or ordered the invitations *you really wanted* instead of having 75 extras sit in a box for eternity.

Ordering too few will result in:
1.) Costly last-minute reprints, overnight shipping, and the stress that comes with it. IF it’s even possible for the stationer to recreate them quickly enough.
2.) Having to shave people from the guest list at the last minute if that’s not possible. Or worse, inviting them by text message ;)
3.) Sending SOME invitations out at the last minute, leaving some guests wondering if they’d been “unvited” for some reason.

The important thing to remember is this:

The wedding invitation quantity you should order is NOT equal to your total guest headcount. 

The outline below will help you calculate accurately, and avoid costly ordering errors.

If you’ve already priced invitations and your quantity changes (or you realized you calculated incorrectly), be sure to request a new estimate before making assumptions about how it will change the cost.

Doubling the quantity may not double the total cost. At the same time, halving the quantity usually won’t reduce the total by half, but I’ll save that explanation for another day.

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