Corporate Retreat Itinerary Passport Booklet

Custom passport booklets for corporate retreat itinerary by Custom Paper Works

Passport books are a fun way to announce your corporate retreat!

We printed and produced these lovely little passport books for a corporate retreat. 8 pages stapled inside held very specific travel itineraries for their employees; suggested attire; information about the destination; and a schedule of events.

We didn’t do the entire design, so I’m only sharing the first inside page because this is a great example of our high-quantity business passports with vinyl, foil-stamped covers. A fun corporate meeting retreat itinerary book.… and I’m sharing it mostly because the photo of the vinyl texture came out so well. It’s not quite as deeply textured as a real passport, but it’s about as close as you can get.

The vinyl covers can be used on our business/corporate passports AND wedding and mitzvah invitations. Using the vinyl cover means they must be foil-stamped, so there are added costs compared to our standard all-press-printed booklets that use white cardstock for the covers. But the results are always stunning…

Vinyl cover custom novelty passport books by Custom Paper WorksIs your corporate meeting or retreat somewhere fun? Try surprising your attendees with a custom passport itinerary!