This new cruise theme Bar Mitzvah passport invitation is based on a design we created for a previous client. Many of our invitations are fully custom-designed from scratch, but our clients frequently fall in love with a previous design, and request something similar, tweaked to match their celebration decor plans.

Sometimes it takes a few questions and inspiration photos to figure out the best things to change. That’s an expected and normal part of the custom-design process – your invitation should be YOURS in more ways than just putting your name on it. While you may be thinking “I want it JUST like that!” (and sometimes that’s exactly true) – I’m still always thinking of ways we can make them “the same but different” – so they are truly uniquely your invitations – and NOT like anyone else’s.

For this Bar Mitzvah celebration taking place aboard the National Elite Yacht, more interior pages were needed for parking information, driving directions, and information about the shuttle for friends. After that, we were left with two pages to fill! (Because of how the passport invitation booklets are constructed, pages are added in sets of 4.)

No worries. With mom’s idea of adding details about his very generous Bar Mitzvah project benefitting The Children’s Inn at NIH,  and my idea of including a page that looks like a stamped page in a passport, we filled all the pages with both useful information and fun details that made it very personalized.

And the ENVELOPES. Never forget the envelopes. They are the very first thing your guests see upon retrieving the mail. Give them something exciting to open! We selected a rich bronzey-gold shimmer envelope with navy blue lining inside, with printed guest mailing addresses and a unique line of text “Bar Mitzvah Cruise Documents For…”

Another area we worked on “same but different” was the front cover emblem. Mom asked if it was possible to include some waves or water somehow, so a new emblem was created. Then we imprinted it with MATTE GOLD FOIL. So unique, masculine, and luxurious-looking. #nofilter #noretouching for the photo below that also shows the subtle texture of the navy blue shimmer card stock used for the covers.

What better way to thank your guests than with a custom thank you card, coordinated to the theme, but a new design, printed on thick shimmery cardstock and envelopes for a custom look all the way through:

Blue cruise theme mitzvah thank you card

How can we make your mitzvah invitations stand out from the rest?


Bar Mitzvah on a Cruise Passport Invitations by Custom Paper Works