{ Invitation Pro Tip #11 } Custom stationer = planning ally?

If you thoroughly enjoy hunting, searching, and shopping, collecting and gathering every little detail from all kinds of sources, this post probably isn’t for you.

If however, you like to get as much as possible done in one shot or through one source, a custom stationery designer like Custom Paper Works can be one of your best allies in wedding or event planning.  We take the vision of your celebration and enforce it with paper goods. Event or Wedding Branding is the technical term – and Custom Paper Works specializes in it.

ESPECIALLY if you don’t have an event designer or planner to sort out the details for you, using one custom stationer for all of your paper goods makes it easier to tie everything together for a bigger impact with a cohesive look.

You already know you need invitations, and perhaps programs, favor tags, table numbers or menus. When everything works together, the look is that much more elegant.

The paper goods are what your guests hold in their hands. It’s what many of them take home and keep as a momento. It’s also one of the few pieces of the day that YOU can hold onto for years to come.

Silver and White Wedding Invitations