General questions
What is the minimum order requirement?2023-11-18T21:40:23+00:00

While we don’t have a minimum quantity requirement, lower quantity orders will price out at a higher rate per piece, because there are several set-up processes and fixed costs regardless of the number of items being made. 

Every order receives lots of time, handling, and care. We use only high-quality papers and printing, and communicate with clients on an individual level as the project requires.

When will I receive my order?2023-11-18T17:18:55+00:00

Our passport booklets are printed and assembled from scratch for each order. They aren’t pre-made, and involve at least 3 separate machine setups to complete. So when possible, please allow about 4-6 weeks, which will allow you to carefully review proofs prior to printing, and a nice cushion for shipping. Faster turnaround is sometimes available depending on quantity and the print options you select, just ask.

How many pages can these novelty passports have?2023-11-18T17:39:01+00:00

The passport booklets we create for trade shows, schools and corporate or church events most frequently have 12 – 36 pages, but simpler passport fold-over cards are available, as are page counts up to 60 or more.

To make this easier by eliminating typical printer-speak that tends to confuse everyone, we use the following page count system:

First, you will always have the covers:
1 Outside Front Cover
1 Inside Front Cover
1 Inside Back Cover
1 Outside Back Cover

In total, that makes 4 cover “pages”.

If you are using a vinyl-like OR colored cardstock cover, the Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover will be blank.
If you are using a white cardstock cover, the Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover can be printed just like a regular page inside the passport.

After that, pages are added in sets of 4.

Some printers will refer to 1 set of 4 pages as a “sheet” or “folded sheet”, or maybe “2 spreads”.
But we find it easiest to count pages as individual pages, just like a book or magazine is numbered when you read it.

So you can have:
4 Cover + 4 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 8 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 12 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 16 Inside Pages
4 Cover +20 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 24 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 28 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 32 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 36 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 40 Inside Pages
4 Cover + 44 Inside Pages
etc, etc, etc…

Is there a price difference for gold, silver, or metallic Foils? Or for using tons of ink colors?2023-11-18T20:33:48+00:00

All of our pricing includes standard full-color printing on the interior pages of your passport book.
If you prefer black ink only, that’s fine – but the pricing is the same UNLESS you have a quantity over 2500, or a page count over 40. Even then, the cost difference is pretty small, so you won’t be saving much by opting for black and white printing. 

Our “Simple Passports” use white cardstock covers and include standard, full-color, flat ink printing.
A Gold, Silver, or other Metallic Foil imprint on the front cover is completely OPTIONAL and is an additional cost.

Our “Luxe Passports” use vinyl-like covers OR colorful cardstock covers which only work with and REQUIRE a gold, silver, or metallic foil imprint.
In this case, the cost of that gold, silver, or metallic foil imprint is already included in the cost.

Can orders be shipped outside the USA?2023-11-18T18:02:44+00:00

YES. Orders can be shipped just about anywhere.

Due to having poor experiences with international shipping through the postal services, we prefer to use highly trackable shipping methods which tend to cost more, such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is billed separately just prior to shipping at actual cost. Expect a range of $100-$200 USD and transit time of 7 to 14 business days.

INTERNATIONAL TAXES/DUTIES/VAT/BROKERAGE FEES are sometimes due prior to delivery of the package. Custom Paper Works does not collect or provide estimates of these taxes. They are charged separately, by individual Customs offices, by their rules (not ours), and we are not able to offer much support or service for packages that are waiting in Customs, or once they are out of our hands.

How do I start a custom order?2023-11-18T18:05:51+00:00

Short answer:
Request a quote by filling out the form on the price request page. We’ll guide you from there. 

Long answer:
Read the full order & design process HERE.

Can my Passport cover be something other than blue?2023-11-18T20:37:16+00:00


While blue is the most popular passport cover color because it is authentic to the USA Passport colors, you can pick a passport cover color that matches your business branding, coordinates with your event color scheme, or represents another country.

For our “Luxe Passports,” vinyl-like covers are available in blue, red, burgundy, black, white, green, and gray.
Cardstock covers are available in HUNDREDS of colors like pink, aqua or turquoise, orange, purple, yellow, and more – and also come in a variety of finishes, textures, even shimmer or glitter papers!

For our “Simple Passports,” the white cardstock starts with a matte, glossy, or shimmer finish, and can be printed edge-to-edge with full-color digital printing to be any color you need.

How will I see what my passports will look like?2023-11-18T20:36:05+00:00

We will take your provided design, and create a digital print proof for you to review. This will allow you to make sure that all the elements are in the print file in the correct place.

Once you approve this digital proof, they go straight into production, and the whole order will ship to you at one time.

How much is shipping?2023-11-18T21:39:19+00:00

UPS or FedEx Ground shipping will be included in your quote for custom-printed orders.
Pricing for faster shipping or international orders will be provided separately on request and depends on the quantity ordered and shipping location.

If you are ordering our pre-made Passport Favor Notebooks, shipping depends on the order total and will be shown at checkout.

Do you make Passport Invitations anymore?2023-11-19T15:51:56+00:00

The short answer is NO, we no longer make them.

We now specialize in larger quantity orders of custom passports for school, business, and event use.

However if you need a very large quantity of 500 or more passport invitation suites, please reach out.

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