I’m so lucky to have several corporate clients who return year after year to update their conference passport raffle booklets. It’s interesting to see how the same event evolves through the years. Sometimes they are completely different every year, and in this case, the booklet remains mostly the same, but with new colors, event logos, and sponsor advertisements.

Since this was the 45th anniversary of the organization, they had designed a special logo that included a faux gold border effect in the digital art. One look at that, and I knew we’d need to turn the faux gold into real gold foil for the front cover emblem. Combined with the flat ink digital printing, the cover is gorgeous! Tradeshow passport raffle booklet by Custom Paper WorksNot all pages of this book are shown here. Click through to see previous versions of this conference passport raffle book, and see what the stampable inside pages look like:

2014 tradeshow passport booklet

2015 conference passport raffle book

Your novelty tradeshow or conference raffle contest book can have as many pages as you need for any number of vendors to stamp, and to accommodate sponsor advertisements or list event schedules and maps. As few as 2 inside pages, or as many as 64 total pages for a detailed conference info book and keepsake. And we can take care of the design, if needed.

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