This custom passport wedding invite features a classic silver foil airplane monogram cover design with teal and pink accents …. and a whole lot of information. Destination weddings tend to require more information for guests (or at least it’s helpful to provide it), and frequently couples want to include other personal touches about how they met, trips they’ve taken together, or more details about the wedding location.

That’s when it’s especially helpful to have a professional designer and typesetter creating your invitation designs for you. In this case, they were done entirely … en español.

Now, I don’t speak any other language fluently. I have a combined 4 years of high school Spanish and French, and one course of pre-vacation Rosetta Stone Italian. That translates to knowing just enough to get the gist of a written paragraph, but not enough to actually comprehend it, speak, or write anything meaningful in either language. I can, however, order coffee, beer, wine, and bread, with good manners, in all three languages : )

Couples opt to include different languages on their invitations for various reasons: sometimes their families aren’t fluent English speakers; sometimes one group of guests receive an English version and another receives a different language; sometimes touches of a language are added here and there as a nod to the language that is spoken in the wedding destination.Inside of destination wedding passport inviteI’m always happy to help include any language. So far I’ve created invitations with Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, Polish, Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew.

All you need to do is provide the wording, and thoroughly read the proofs to make sure everything was entered correctly. Which is the usual process, anyway. Inside page 3 and 4There is no extra charge for including an additional language UNLESS an entirely separate version of the invitation is being created. That will be quoted depending on the specific piece, the quantity, and what printing methods are being used. Inside page 5 and 6If you’d like your passport invitations created with an airplane or aviation emblem, or if you have a completely unique idea for the cover of your invitations, send an information request using the link below. Include your design ideas and language options if you need that too.