I’ve previously posted a checklist to use while proofreading your invitations.

Which is very important. But there are lots of words that confuse spell check even when spelled correctly, regional differences, and things that might strike up a debate depending on who you ask.

1. accommodations … two C’s, two M’s. In the U.S., we like the S at the end. Everyone else doesn’t. Both are technically correct.

2. website … only recently did this”officially” become the correct according to the AP Stylebook. One word. No capital W. Thank goodness, because most designers I know prefer it this way anyway because it looks nicer : )

3. email … no capital E. No hyphen. Also recently deemed the official spelling according to the AP Stylebook folks, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

4. traveler … used on many Custom Paper Works rsvp cards. Traveller (with two L’s) is how the U.K. prefers it.

5. regrettably, regretfully … two T’s in one, one T in the other.

6. two thousand eighteen (two thousand nineteen, two thousand twenty), etc … big debate here! There is NO “and”. No hyphens. Alternately, “twenty seventeen” has been deemed appropriate as well.

7. honour/honor … either way is fine, but be consistent throughout all OU-vs-O words.

8. presence … never presents. That is a post for another day.

9. Street, Avenue, Boulevard, Circle, etc. should be written out as full words. It reads nicer than the abbreviated version. And looks ten times prettier.

10. NO double spaces between sentences. These do not exist in graphic design world. Period.

11. dessert is food (the best kind!) … desert is a sandy place you don’t want to be stuck without food.

12. hors d’oeuvres / hors d’oeuvre … is how you spell them. Spell check doesn’t like either version.

Whoops! More than 10. I will update the post as I’m reminded of more.

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